Our Story

"A horse can hear a human heartbeat from at least 4 feet away. They hear intention, they feel vibe - they are the tellers of self and the mirrors of souls."

Kimberly's marketing mastery has been praised, recognized, and awarded by top professionals for her momentous efforts in propelling the beauty industry forward. She has claimed many awards and nominations including the prestigious Clio Awards judged by an international panel of advertising professionals. Kimberly was also recognized in 2002 and again in 2006 as one of the nation's "Outstanding Business Women of the Year." Shortly after her run at CMR, Kimberly founded her own company, Dream Team Beaute, which became a leading strategic beauty innovation house, making over thirty million dollars in revenue within just four years in the business.

So, what more can you possibly do after bringing so many top-selling brands to life in the beauty business? You create a beauty line for animals, of course! Forging her strong technical background and iconoclast vision with her devoted passion for horses and horse care, Kimberly has launched Couture Horses, an innovative product line that is human tested and equine approved. While she juggles owning "Ranch of Dreams," her non profit animal rescue with dozens of four legged residents, Kimberly Clarks continues to make a global impact as a beauty revolutionary. This time, however, she has a new goal in mind: to revitalize and re-beautify the equine care industry, one horse and human-friendly product at a time.